Solar Power is no longer the wave of the future. Advances in technology and affordability have made creating your own power achievable for everyone. Our solar professionals can help you assess your energy needs and navigate the options that are right for you.

We specialize in installing solar electric systems and solar water heaters. Whether you choose a battery backup system on your roof or a grid tie system on pole mounts one thing is certain, now is a great time to go solar. With a 30% Federal Tax Incentive, it’s more affordable than you think.

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The Process

As soon as a customer contacts us we begin working to assess their particular needs. Designing and building a system is a process, but it shouldn’t be a scary one. This is a brief overview of what you can expect from Structure Green after you decide you are interested in pursuing solar:

  1. Free Consultation – Scheduled with one of our site analysts
  2. System Design – Designer presents and discusses your options
  3. Contract Signed – Begin ordering and permitting process
  4. Installation – The most exciting part of the process
  5. Inspection – By the applicable permitting authorities in your area

The utility company will then set you up for net metering and the rest is history. You are now your own power plant! The whole process usually takes about six weeks from start to finish. Contact us today and we’ll get started!

The Options

There are two main types of solar PV systems:

Grid Tie – Simply put, grid tie systems offset your utility bills by producing energy that you can use and sell back to the utility company; known as net metering.

Grid Tie with Battery Backup – performs the same way except it stores some of the energy you make in a battery bank for use in case of a power outage. If the power goes out you can still continue to run circuits in your home as long as your batteries are receiving enough charge from the sun.

Both types of systems can be installed using a variety of Mounting Options; roof mounted, pole mounted, ground mounted and any combination in between. In addition to solar PV systems we also offer Solar Water Heating Systems.

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Spray foam insulation leads the industry as the most efficient and healthiest insulation product on the market today. For over 15 years the Structure-Green team has been installing quality spray foam insulation products under our Thermo Guard trade name.

We offer free estimates to our customers and specialize in residential and commercial projects.

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What is Spray Foam Insulation?

Spray foam insulation is a two component polyurethane mixture that can be spray applied to wood, masonry, metal, and most other building materials. It expands rapidly to fill cracks and holes and adheres permanently. It provides a superior air barrier to traditional insulation and is commonly used in new and existing buildings to insulate walls, subfloors, rooflines, and ceiling decks.

Why Spray Foam Insulation vs Traditional Insulation?

The US Department of Energy (DOE) studies show that 40% of your home’s energy is lost due to air infiltration. This air infiltrates the home in the form of drafts through walls sockets, windows and doorways. Traditional insulation like fiberglass and cellulose just can’t seal the cracks and holes like spray foam insulation.

  • Helps reduce moisture and mold
  • Deadens sound travel and noise
  • Enhances building stability
  • Won’t sag, compress, or fall out like many traditional insulations
  • Fills all cracks and holes sealing out bugs, drafts, and plugging air leaks

Specialty Insulation Products

Structure Green offers a variety of special insulation products to fit the specific needs of our homeowners and contractors. Call us today with any questions or to schedule a free, no obligation quote with one of our insulation specialists.

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Based locally in Zachary, Louisiana, Structure-Green is passionate about helping our friends and neighbors achieve energy independence. Our team has been making structures more efficient for over fifteen years through the use of our spray foam insulation systems.

In 2007, we began our solar division. Since then we have installed over 1,000,000 watts of solar power throughout the Gulf Coast.

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At Structure Green we have a dual purpose mission: helping our customers make wise investments that guarantee a financial return while insuring the health of our environmental future together.

We combine the industries’ most efficient insulation systems with installation of the worlds’ most efficient solar PV systems to bring our customers maximum savings and value. We are focused on being competitive in our pricing and unsurpassed in our approach to quality workmanship and customer service.

With over 20 years in the construction industry, our founder Ricky Carroll holds the distinction of being a NABCEP certified PV installer the solar industries highest designation. In addition we are licensed Commercial and Residential General Contractors and licensed Electrical Contractors with a Solar Designation. We are fully insured and carry workman’s comp with a roofing designation, which is important for the protection of our customers.

We hope you’ll take some time to meet our staff and contact us with any questions you may have about solar PV systems or foam insulation. We work hard to form relationships with our customers built on trust from our first meeting to support long after the work is completed.

Our promise is to help you save money and live more comfortably while going green the Structure Green way!


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